Chan Meng Kam, Ph.D.

Chan    Meng    Kam,Ph.D.,was    born   in   Jinjiang, Fujian Province  in  1962  and  immigrated to Macau in the early 1980s. With  20  years'  efforts,  Mr. Chan has gradually established his own  business.  Currently,  besides  working  as  the principal of several  enterprises,  Mr.  Chan  also  holds various political and social positions in Mainland China and Macau.

Although   Mr.  Chan  is  busy  with  his  own   business, he always  concern  about  the construction and development of the motherland, Macau and his hometown. Over these years, he has made  lots  of  donations  for  both Mainland China and Macau in various  forms  to  the  fields  of  education, public  health, social welfare, disaster and poverty relief and other charitable causes.

Mr. Chan   has   received   numerous   awards   for   his   great   contribution  to the charity including: the Charity Ambassador Award,  the  Love  for  Children  Medal, Outstanding Director Award from China Children Teenagers Fund respectively in 2010,2001 and  2006.  In  2004,  Chan  received  Gold  Medal  from  Fujian  Provincial  Government  for his   charitable    contribution.  In  2005,  Chan  received  the  China  Charity  Award from China Ministry of Civil Affairs and   China   Charity   Fund. In 2008,  Chan  received  World  Outstanding Chinese Award from United World Chinese Association, Honorable   Librarian   from  National Library of China, and Order of Merit in Benevolence from the Macao SAR government.


Major Positions
  • President of Golden Dragon Group Co., Ltd.
  • President of Huan Yu Group Holding Company Limited
  • President of Jinlong Investment & Development Co., Ltd.

Politics and Community
  • Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  • Member of the Executive Council of the Macao SAR Government
  • Member of the Third Term Chief Executive Election Committee of the Macao SAR
  • Trustee of Macau Foundation
  • Member of Senior Citizen Affairs Committee of Macao SAR Government
  • consultant of Aliança de Povo de Instituição de Macau
  • Vice Chairman of Macao Region China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification
  • Chairman the Executive Committee of Macao Foundation of the Goddess A-Ma
  • Chairman of Macao Fujian Fellow General Association
  • Chairman of the Board of Huaqiao University
  • Counselor of Macau Basic Law Promotion Association
  • Chairman of Macau-China Paralympic Committee & Macau–China Recreation and Sports Association for the Disabled
  • Director of Macau Tung Sin Tong Chartable Society
  • Chairman of the Board of Macau Daily Readers Charity Fund
  • Supervisor of Macau Kiang Wu Hospital Charitable Association
  • Executive Director of Macao Fujian School (ESCOLA FUKIEN)
  • Chairman of the Board of Macau Pooi To Middle School
  • Honorary Chairman of the Board of Hou Kong Middle School (Macau)
  • Chairperson of the council of City University of Macau



Wong Kong Lao, MBA

Wong   Kong   Lao,   MBA,  was  born  in  Jinjiang,  Fujian Province  in  1960.  He  is the Chief Executive Officer of Golden Dragon  Group  Co., Ltd.  After  settling  in  Macau  in the early 1980s, Mr. Wong has been extensively engaged in commercial andand  trading  business    trading   business   and   has   rich experience in business operation and management. In addition, Mr. Wong   always  participates  in  social  welfare undertakings and  assumes  leading  positions of various associations both in Mainland China and Macau.


Major Positions
  • CEO of Golden Dragon Group Co., Ltd.
  • CEO of Superfect Investment Limited
  • CEO of Jinjiang Shoes Market Construction & Development Co., Ltd.
  • President of Jin Long Investment & Development Co., Ltd.
  • President of of Info Source Multi Media Ltd.
  • President of Zhongshan Jin Long Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Politics and Community
  • Member of CPPCC Fujian Provincial Committee
  • Director of Fujian 0verseas Friendship Association
  • Member of CPPCC Fujian Quanzhou Municipal Committee
  • Member of CPPCC Fujian Jinjiang Municipal Committee
  • Vice President of Macao Fujian Fellow General Association
  • Standing Vice President of Fujian-Taiwan Commercial Association of Macau
  • Vice President of Jin Jiang Clans Association Macao
  • Chairman of the Board of Quanzhou Light Industry Vocational College